How we got started.

MLab was created by M.E. Souser a Web Designer, WordPress Developer, Content Creator, Mom, and Navy Wife. After starting a family she struggled to find flexible options to make money and be accessible to her family. So, she taught herself web design and WordPress development and started working remotely.

After working as a freelance WordPress developer for a few years, she discovered a few things:

  1. Women were feeling forced to choose between work and family.
  2. Many women she worked with chose her because they didn’t feel respected by male developers.

She believes that women who are brave enough to start their own business and take control of their lives should feel empowered and supported, not ‘mansplained’ to. So she created MLab.

About MLab

MLab is a web design and development agency for women in business, with a special focus on  #mompreneurs. We help women refine and flesh out their business ideas, then bring them to life online.

We’re 100% remote and encourage our clients to be as well. Because…

Remote = less overhead, more flexibility, and more time doing what really matters.

Make your dream a reality today!

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