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Holiday Planning Tips for the Boss Lady

Yay! It's fall! That magical time of year, filled with family, fun, and (when you work for yourself) lots of holiday planning. And as much as we might want to stop everything and sip nog with friends, a business can't run itself.  So this year,...

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MLab started out as my personal mantra. It stands for ‘Momin Like a Boss’!A little backstory, I was born an entrepreneur lol. I’ve started and/or been a part of a few different endeavors over the years. However, when I became a mom, everything...

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Are you charging what you’re worth?

"Only 2.4 percent of freelance design and development professionals say they bill more than $150 per hour—but 8 percent of agencies do.While the most common hourly rate freelancers charge is $76-$100 per hour, freelancers are twice as likely as...

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