Holiday Planning Tips for the Boss Lady


Yay! It’s fall! That magical time of year, filled with family, fun, and (when you work for yourself) lots of holiday planning. And as much as we might want to stop everything and sip nog with friends, a business can’t run itself. 

So this year, I’m ramping up my holiday planning game by starting now. Some of you might say “your already late” and you would be right lol, but better late than never. 

This year the hubby is stationed far away and may or may not be able to partake in the festivities, which means it’s my job to make it extra special for the kiddos (no pressure). Also, business has been picking up lately, so I still have deadlines to meet. What’s a mom to do? No worries, I’ve got this, and I’ve got a few tips for other ladies in a similar situation. 


Holiday Planning Tips for the Boss Lady


Schedule activities early and block off dates:

For all the ladies that celebrate Diwali, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Christmas, Kwanza etc. you know you won’t want to work in or around that time. So, just like you’d request time off on a job, schedule enough time off for yourself and make sure to include enough time to prep for these events and related activities (no one wants to defrost a turkey on Thanksgiving Day). 


Notify clients ahead of time

If you’re in a client-focused business, then you can bet that on the eve of your most beloved holiday a client will call with an emergency that has to be handled right then. You can head this off with a polite email a couple of weeks in advance, letting clients know when you’ll be unavailable, request that they respect your family time, and define what you consider to be an emergency and would warrant a call (be specific – I’ve had clients get really technical here, in order to get me to work).


If you don’t have it, RENT it!

My holiday planning always includes at least two large meals, and every year they get bigger and BIGGER. Since I’m not a fan of paper plates (bad for the environment), I’ve found another option. RENTALS! 

Okay, so you know how people rent tables, chares, plates, and flatware for weddings? Well, many of those same event rental companies will rent out items for smaller events, like holiday feasts. One company rep told me that she once rented out a single napkin. 

The best part about using a rental company is that many of them have their catalogs online. Therefore you can go through their entire inventory, select what you want, when you’ll pick it up, and BOOM! Just like that, you’re done. Some places will even deliver and set up.

Using a rental company is also much less expensive than buying and storing all of these seasonal items yourself. 


Buy items before the rush

If you do have to buy anything, then don’t wait to the last minute (easier said than done, I know). In months leading up to the holidays, I start buying one item at a time each time I go shopping. Then, while everyone else is running around like a turkey with their heads cut off, I’m hanging with my family or slaying it in my home office.


It takes a village

If you’re really crunched for time, have all your guest bring an item. You can use a tool like Doodle to make sure everyone brings a different item by typing in their name and the items you need to make your event spectacular. 



I often think my best skill is delegation. If I can’t get something done for a client, I reach out to one of my trusted team members or contractor to share the load. The same thing goes at home.

If I’m tired and cookies need to be baked, I get the kiddos involved or I’ll send hubby to the store to buy some lol. Asking for help is not a weakness, it’s a strength. Identify your resources and use them. Nine times out of ten, then want to help.

Lastly, RELAX

If things aren’t perfect, then that’s okay. The holidays are about gratitude, traditions, and spending time with loved ones. They don’t have to be perfect and striving for perfection will just stress you out. 


So, take a deep breath and go into this holiday planning season with a smile, because YOU GOT THIS!


Happy Holidays From MLab!

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